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Te Mahi Ako provides support to workplaces through a range of channels, so that you can support the learners in your organisation.

Workplace support and services

Here at Te Mahi Ako, we're on a mission to make education more accessible and have some exciting news to share with you. Te Mahi Ako recently took a big step forward through a new joint initiative with Generosity New Zealand, Aotearoa’s largest digital search facility for funding information.  

This new initiative will allow all affiliated workplaces, industries and learners unrestricted access to Generosity NZ’s network of funding and grant providers. Our goal is to link you with opportunities that can support your educational aspirations and projects.  

If you are affiliated with Te Mahi Ako, the first step for access will be reaching out to your regional learner advisor (RLA) for assistance. They will provide you with a code to access all the different funding opportunities. This exciting initiative is being funded until February 2024 so be sure to apply for as many grants as you like within this time!  

For more information, click here to watch a brief video introducing Generosity NZ and what they are all about or, head to their website here.  

Your organisation will be supported by a range of people from our team to ensure your staff have everything required to succeed in their learning programmes:

Learner advisors

Your regional learner advisor is the key contact person at Te Mahi Ako for both your learners and your organisation. They help set up enrolments, and schedule regular catch-ups with learners to make sure they're progressing. They can help the learner navigate the work-based learning process and connect them with extra help when it's needed.

Learning facilitators

In some cases a programme will include learning that occurs outside of the workplace, such as seminars, training courses or wānanga. These events or activities will supplement the skills and knowledge the learner is picking up on the job, and will be led by one of our learning facilitators.


Registered Te Mahi Ako assessors can be trained staff within your team, or they may be may be external people. An assessor is a subject matter expert in your learner's field of practice, and they will assess their tasks and determine when they are competent. 

Learner support coordinators

Our dedicated team of learner support coordinators are based at our head office. They are there to listen and understand what's going on with learners, and how it might impact their learning experiences. This could be anything from computer issues, literacy, or a mental health condition, through to a relationship breakdown or financial difficulties. Learner support coordinators offer guidance and troubleshooting to help learners tackle any barriers.

Te Mahi Ako learners have access to a learner portal, where they can keep track of their learning, and access our online learning platform.

As a workplace client, you will have your own dedicated workplace portal where you can view the learners in your organisation and see how they are progressing in their qualifications. Your portal also has a number of client-only resources that you might find useful as your support your staff through their learning programmes.

Your staff need literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) skills to do their job effectively, and to succeed in work-based learning.

Therefore, when we enrol a new learner who has not previously completed NCEA Level 2 or an NZQA Level 2 qualification or equivalent, we will ask them to undergo an LLN assessment. We’ll help them understand what the results mean, and discuss any support they may need.

We connect eligible learners with Literacy Aotearoa, which has locations all around the country. The Rural Youth and Adult Literacy Trust also offers free literacy tuition for people in rural areas.

As an employer, you'll receive general information about literacy levels of your staff who have completed the Te Mahi Ako literacy assessment. This helps you get a picture of any support that might be needed within your organisation. Our advisors will discuss with you the types of help that are available for staff who need it.

Mental health

If a staff member is experiencing poor mental health, sometimes it's hard to know what to do, but as an employer you can help; below are links to guidance and resources.

Autism and neurodiversity

Autistic people see, hear and feel the world differently to other people and have many qualities that make them great employees. If you are supporting an autistic staff member to complete work-based learning, there are specific actions you can take that may help them succeed.


Did you know that dyslexia - which is a difference, rather than a disability - affects at least 10% of the population? Resources are available on understanding dyslexia and supporting staff with dyslexia.


There is a range of support for organisations employing staff with disabilities


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