Guidance for schools on Consent to Assess and MOUs

Processes for schools to obtain Consent to Assess and establish Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) have changed. We've provided some important guidance below. Please read on to understand what has changed, and how to proceed under the new system.


Skills Active established Te Mahi Ako as a registered private training establishment (PTE), to take over the work of training services. Standard setting functions went to Toi Mai, the new workforce development council.

As a consequence of these mandated changes, Te Mahi Ako is not able to enter agreements which allow schools to report credits using the PTE provider code.   

You can still access Te Mahi Ako resources via our catalogue, and work with external providers that have the expertise and scope to assess your learners under your school’s provider code. You will need to gain Consent to Assess from Toi Mai WDC to do this.  

The following information is designed to help your school if you wish to use a workplace or provider to assess your students. You will need a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between your school and the workplace or provider you are using to assess your students. Your school will need to apply to Toi Mai for Consent to Assess for the unit standards you wish to assess and report.

Te Mahi Ako is not offering any new MOUs with schools in 2023. 

Guide to MOUs and Consent to Assess

  • Initially, please talk to your NZQA relationship manager, as it is NZQA that will decide if an MOU or subcontracting arrangement is required.  
  • When setting up an MOU, templates and guidance are available on the NZQA website 
  • Apply for Consent to Assess, supplying all the required information and documents to Toi Mai. They have provided information for applicants here. 
  • An MOU will be required as evidence when applying for Consent to Assess.
  • Schools will be responsible for health and safety, and will need to share their Education Outside the Classroom policies and processes. 
  • Schools will need to provide a timetable showing how the units are scheduled and how much time is allocated for each unit standard.   
  • The MOU must outline who supplies the resources and the responsibilities for moderation. The school will be responsible for retaining and supplying assessments for moderation requests to Toi Mai.   
  • Schools will need to supply assessments when applying for Consent to Assess. All resources will need to be approved by Toi Mai. 
  • Additional evidence can be supplied to support a school's Consent to Assess application, such as reference letters or documents that support workplace capability. 
  • Please contact for any additional guidance on Consent to Assess.

Detailed information regarding provider agreements and subcontracting arrangements is available at the NZQA website